Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mommy's little firecracker

ok so some of you might've seen the adorable little blue t-shirts from old navy saying "mommy's little firecracker" or the pink ones saying "daddy's little sparkler." I did and thought they were a must have for the fourth. So i paid the $6 or so and brought it home to hang in the closet until the appropriate holiday.

So the 4th comes and i dress him up and next thing i know he creates some blasts of his own....from his lower regions! he soiled up his back and thus doomed the adorable shirt to his laundry basket never to be seen again, until i get the chance to do laundry. time who has the time? all of mine has been stolen.

we had a good fourth of july...hangin out with friends and family! happy 4th to everyone.

Swimming anyone???

so i have tried unsuccessfully twice to introduce Mason to the wide world of summer pool fun. I guess dunking him in cold water isn't his cup of tea. Other than a few screams we have gotten a quite hilarious video of him being "baptised" as we have been calling it. He comes up out of the water with his arms raised to the sky and a baby version of "haleighluya" (i have no idea how to spell that) accompained by shreiks and tears. So we stay in the pool for all of five minutes and are done. What can we say we try!
the cryin photo was prior to the dunkin' and the pacificer picture or shell shocked picture is cruel can we be! :D