Tuesday, June 20, 2006

back to work

So i officially go back to work next week and i am torn. I am looking forward to it because it means i have some "me" time even if its making lattes all day, but then i will be leaving Mason during the day. I am sad that i might end up missing his special moments. I love our mornings together when he wakes up and smiles and coos. I will miss having the time to hang out after bath time when he sings along to "give said the little stream" (one of his favorites) with me. It'll be hard and i know i will still have alot of special moments but not the constant togetherness that we've had. I guess the limited time will make the little things all the more special. Thank goodness for wonderful grandparents who have volunteered their time to spend with him during the day. I dont know what we would've done without them. i can't trust a face like that to just anyone!


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