Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy BOO-lated Halloween

Happy halloween like two weeks late. We had a calm little spooky night. we truged to both grandparents houses, to my starbucks and finally home by 6pm. We actually had a few trick or treaters but due to my scary wold hound of a dog we turned our lights out by 7pm. Bailey loves barking madly at anything that dares to approach our front door especially noisy excited children. It was fun holiday and I look forward to next year when I dont feel guilty for taking candy that is given to Mason, knowing that i will be enjoying it later. Hope you all had a good one!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

working mom...the last four months

So i went back to work, we decided to try and sell our house, and all the craziness the life normally is continued. My baby boy has gone from sitting like a lump to now, at only 7 1/2 months no less, walking along the furniture. Its crazy how time flys. Its even more crazy that as i sit here trying to write barely a paragraph I cant concentrate because Mason is trying to give himself a concussion by falling into the coffee table. Oh the stress of it all!

Heres a quick photo timeline of the last couple months...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mommy's little firecracker

ok so some of you might've seen the adorable little blue t-shirts from old navy saying "mommy's little firecracker" or the pink ones saying "daddy's little sparkler." I did and thought they were a must have for the fourth. So i paid the $6 or so and brought it home to hang in the closet until the appropriate holiday.

So the 4th comes and i dress him up and next thing i know he creates some blasts of his own....from his lower regions! he soiled up his back and thus doomed the adorable shirt to his laundry basket never to be seen again, until i get the chance to do laundry. time who has the time? all of mine has been stolen.

we had a good fourth of july...hangin out with friends and family! happy 4th to everyone.

Swimming anyone???

so i have tried unsuccessfully twice to introduce Mason to the wide world of summer pool fun. I guess dunking him in cold water isn't his cup of tea. Other than a few screams we have gotten a quite hilarious video of him being "baptised" as we have been calling it. He comes up out of the water with his arms raised to the sky and a baby version of "haleighluya" (i have no idea how to spell that) accompained by shreiks and tears. So we stay in the pool for all of five minutes and are done. What can we say we try!
the cryin photo was prior to the dunkin' and the pacificer picture or shell shocked picture is cruel can we be! :D

Friday, June 30, 2006

So i abandoned my boys last night and went to a conference in San Fransico. I was really worried and anxious about leaving. This was the first boys night without me and i didnt know how things would go, if they would run out of milk, or if Mason would keep his dad up all night. By the fact that Bob made it to work this morning I think its safe to say they survived.
As for me though its hard not to be an emotional wreak. Starbucks put us up at the Hilton in the city and walking to the nearby Sbux locale, I realized that the hotel was on the corner of O'farrel and MASON! i was so excited and tried to be artistic in my photo taking. It made me feel better looking at that each morning!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Father's Day number 2

so we went to gma lytle's house for a combo father's day and Glenda's birthday party. We had a great time. We visited with everyone including Ira who had come for a weeks stay. The big pooches were not about to be left out. Bowser and Suzy took over the house with their whacking tails and monstrous bodies. Since i haven't seen them in awhile they seemed even larger than normal. I tried to share the guacamole with Mason but he wasn't having it.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

our two little angels

so I hosted my little sister's baby shower at my house today. Alittle crazy alittle hectic the same way all those types of functions are. I was trying to juggle the usual party hosting jobs and a screamin cranky baby. we made it through and had not too bad of a time. As usual we saw the opportunity for a photo shoot and took many photos of the two new babies in the family. Soon we'll have three. bring on the babies!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

friends at last

so unfortunately with the coming of Mason came the downfall of bailey's reign. Poor dog she was once the center of the universe and now she stands neglected in her basket. No I really dont entirely neglect her, but she definitely doesn't get all the lovin' she used to. I was actually afraid of how she would react to the baby when we first came home. Her tense muscle shaking (think dog standing outside rat cage) when she got near him at first was enough for me to banish her to the far reaches of our tiny backyard. She eventually learned that to ignore was to be ignored with the ability to be inside with her peoples. So now we've come to a truce. She still cries when i go for my almost daily walk to Starbucks in the morning with out her (she barks and drives everyone mad when i tie her up outside) but she still loves me with the undying affection that only a dog can express. She follows me around the house a sits eagerly on my every word even though i hardly direct any words towards her these days. I became jealous for awhile because she began bonding with my husband, but i realized she would take the attention wherever it came from. Not to say attention from him was sub-standard but i had always been the favorite. So lately ive been letting my "kids" get to know each other in little doses. Everything so far good on the homefront....we'll see how it goes when mason begins tugging on her ears and tail. right now she blissfully sleeps at my feet under the computer desk while mason cries in the other room. Score one for the dog.